While Ontario wineries who grow and purchase fruit from local grape growers are inherently connected with nature and therefore respectful of the environment, many wineries choose to take their environmentally-friendly practices one step further by becoming a Sustainable Winemaking Ontario Certified Winery.

To be certified, participating wineries are audited annually to ensure they are adhering to sustainable practices in their winemaking operations. Best practices include those that are respectful of the environment, support local economies and benefit communities, the three pillars of sustainability.



Those wineries who carry certification are audited annually on use and conservation of water, reduction in waste and wastewater and implementation of energy efficiency programs, including the use of sustainable power sources. They also show an interest in preserving local vineyards for generations to come.


Certified wineries must produce VQA wines, which are always produced from 100% Ontario-grown grapes. While local wines inherently have a smaller carbon footprint they also play a vital role in preserving local economies. Regional wines are an integral part of a community’s economic health and are naturally woven into their fabric.


Wineries that are certified, also need to be good neighbours and promote diversity in the workplace. They are expected to cultivate positive relationships with their communities and be leaders in social responsibility. They also show a commitment to producing authentic regional wines, which are a cornerstone of local food cultures.

Some growers also choose to become certified through the Grape Growers of Ontario Sustainable Vineyard Certification program. This program formally recognizes the environmentally sound, economically feasible and socially sustainable practices employed by growers in the vineyard further demonstrating their commitment to Sustainable Winemaking in Ontario.

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